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BACSI SURVEYS LTD Land surveyors
Specializing in Land, Engineering, Building and Digital Mapping
Welcome to Bacsi Surveys Ltd.

We are a well established professional company of Land Surveyors based in Budapest, Hungary.
We have over 20 years experience in the private sector specialising in land, engineering, building surveys, shopping centre surveys and digital mapping. We are committed to the highest standards of work quality and competence.

Our services include:

  • Large scale land and engineering surveys
  • Shopping centre surveys
  • Measured building surveys
  • Setting-out on construction sites and construction survey project management
  • Dimensional control and deformation monitoring of structures
  • Volumetric and area calculations
  • Boundary disputes and expert witness in court
  • Digital mapping and ground modelling, digitising and CAD

We have references from the following companies: A.D.U. Építésziroda Kft., Alfa Kereskedelmi Rt., Atraktív Kert Bt., Beltex Ingatlan, Buda-Hold Kft., Budapest Főváros Újbuda Önkormányzata, Budaplakát 11 Kft., Dunafer Rt., Ferroglobus, Fémmunkás Alu Kft., Fővárosi Főpolgármesteri Hivatal, Fővárosi Közterület-Fenntartó Rt., Öböl XI. Kft.

We can offer you a dedicated team of professionals, a prompt service and value for money on your forthcoming development projects.

Our availability:
Email: info@bacsi-mernokiroda.hu
Telephone: +36-30-6328820
Intl: +36-1-3866312
Fax: +36-1-3866312
Address: Villányi út 55-65
1118 Budapest, Hungary